Loren Sanders

San Diego Team Leader

Carlsbad - Grand

About Loren Sanders

The reason many people choose to work with us is our focus on what is best for our clients. It is not about us. The prime objective is to help you navigate the multitude of layers within any purchase or sale of a home in a way that honors our commitment to serve you.  We use our experience, insight, and knowledge to generate the best outcome possible.

Hi, I am Loren Sanders with First Team / Sea Coast Real Estate. I have been working with great clients and real estate agents since 1992 in North San Diego County. My experience encompasses selling hundreds & hundreds of properties personally, being a co-owner of a national real estate franchise office, and working as a manager, general manager, and executive in the industry. Now leading a team of 160 brokers, realtors and staff in North San Diego County, I consistently train, study and learn best practices to serve the needs of people at the highest level.

Broker, Realtor, member of National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and North San Diego Association of Realtors. 

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